It all starts with the resume. We will help you get it right.

In preparation for -- or in re-energizing -- your job search, the quality of your resume and how you can best present yourself to potential employers are among your most serious considerations in this tough market.

Winning the job is rarely just good luck.

To be successful in today’s market, the search process simply cannot be "winged."

Ray Polhill
Leadership Resumes

Ray Polhill, Owner and CEO of Leadership Resumes  in Charlotte NC

Objectivity, current market knowledge, multiple skills--and wisdom, are only a few of the requirements for this process.  Even the finest candidates can expect to benefit, greatly, from our professional assistance, guidance and objective insight.

If you are contemplating how you should approach a job search, you may wish to speak with us.  We support those in the job market by working closely with them in preparing outstanding personal representations, and in providing the guidance to make certain our clients’ many attributes are fully optimized in a solid search campaign.

Your very well-done materials and the professionalism and confidence you convey in your presentation will help you stand out among your peers, and it will speak so many positive things about you.  We will be pleased to participate with you as you “build the brand.”

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Executive C-Level

An excellent answer for the talented, senior-level executive who intends to position himself near the top of a leading organization. An executive whose background and performance require professionalism, expertise, maturity and understanding at this level.


A most appropriate presentation for the leading, experienced, upper and rising, mid-level management professionals whose performance and candidacy warrant top management attention.


Our attractive choice for candidates early in their careers. A very nicely crafted presentation for those having had one or two jobs and several years of experience.

Solutions For The

We provide the structure, expertise and guidance. You perform the word processing. Begin with a one-hour session in our office or via telephone. An affordable, but very workable choice!